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Laboratories and Facilities

Noble Gas Laboratory

Micromass 5400 noble gas mass spectrometer and extraction line used for 40Ar/39Ar analyses and for measuring Ne isotopic abundances.  Quadrupole mass spectrometer and extraction line for He analyses in conjunction with (U-Th)/He age determination.

CO2 laser port
Fission Track Laboratory

Two Nikon Optiphot2 microscopes and an Olympus SZX12 stereo microscope are used for fission track analyses, sample preparation and petrography.

fission tracks in apatite
Mineral Separation Facilities

Mineral separation facilities used for thermochronologic sample preparation and handling of radioactive materials 

Mica crystal
Electron probe

JEOL JXA8600 Scanning Electron Microscope

electron probe image
Other Research Facilities

Additional facilities available to our research group

Laboratory rooms