Sample Preparations

Crushing and Mineral Separation Facility

crushing mimerals

Crushing facilities consist of a jaw crusher and Bico disk mill. Samples are washed and initially separated on a Rodgers Gemini Table. Mineral separation facilities consist of a heavy liquid set-up within a series of fume hoods, Frantz LB-1 Barrier magnetic separator, shaker table, sieves etc. Grinding and polishing facilities include a Buehler dual wheel variable speed polisher/grinder.

Handling of radioactive samplesĀ (e.g., 40Ar/39Ar and fission track irradiation packages) is done in a small room accessible through the noble gas mass spectrometry lab. This room is equipped with a lead safe, a glove box, appropriate radiation monitoring equipment and radioactive waste disposal facilities (through Syracuse University’s Environmental Health and Safety Office). 40Ar/39Ar irradiations are carried out at Oregon State University. We use GA 1550 biotite, Alder Creek and Fish Canyon sanidine, and 77600 hornblende as flux monitors. Interferences from Ca and K are monitored by analyzing irradiated optical grade CaF2 and vacuum fused K-glass which are included in every irradiation package.