Victoria Land and the Dry Valleys

Much of our early work on the uplift and formation of the Transantarctic Mountains was undertaken in southern Victoria Land and also northern Victoria Land.

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Mt Doorly
Mt Doorly at the mouth of the Wright Valley in the Dry Valleys region of southern Victoria Land. Note the faulted Ferrar Dolerite sills. The vertical sampling profile collected in the Gleadow and Fitzgerald (1987) paper in which an exhumed apatite partial annealing zone was revealed (for the first time) runs down the spur in the foreground. View is looking to the north across the Wilson Piedmont Glacier.


royal society range
Royal Society Range from the small peaks at mouth of the Ferrar Glacier (south side)


Shackleton Glacier

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Shackleton Glacier
Shackleton Glacier


Ellsworth Mountains

The Ellsworth Mountains, comprising the Sentinel and Hertiage Ranges, lie within the Ellsworth-Whitmore Mountains crustal block, which is one of the West Antarctica microplates.  The Vinson Massif, at greater than 16,000 feet, is the highest mountain in Antarctica, forming part of the spine of the Sentinel Range.  Research in the region includes trips to the Sentinel and Heritage Ranges.

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Vinson Massif
The Vinson Massif, Antarctica’s highest mountain. Photo (Paul Fitzgerald) taken from the west. This shows the standard ascent route.